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  • Serving South Orange County. We are currently taking appointments in San Clemente, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, and more!
  • House Calls Are Less Stressful For Your Pet. Most dogs and cats hate going to the veterinarian where they might be stressed by the car trip, strange sounds, abnormal smells, and sick animals. Pets prefer the veterinarian come to them!
  • More Convenient. We try our best to accommodate your schedule, including evening and weekend appointments. We perform our exams wherever you and your pet are most comfortable. We can even come to your work.
  • High Quality Medical Advice. We are available to answer all of your pet related questions. Feel free to contact us any time.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Dr. Brady has been the vet for my cats since 2002, and he is the best! He has been caring and wonderful to my fur babies, and I HIGHLY recommend him. I have since moved, but he now cares for my mother in law's dog, and my ex-husband's two cats. He is prompt in returning calls, and when I had to have my 24 year old cat, Baby, put to sleep, he did so in a loving, caring manner. Please call him for you pet's needs. You won't be sorry! - via Google

Shannon Paguirigan

We love Dr.Brady so much ,he's a great Dr. Had taking care of my dogs for long time. he's kind, loving, caring, considered, friendly, Hope he doesn't retired for long time. . - via Google

Benicia Watkins

Dr.Brady and Stacy are the best team and we feel so grateful for their care. 💜🐱💜 Thanks again! Both of you make it easier to understand our furbabies and are awesome pet ambassadors - via Facebook

Kati Manville

My family and I are extremely grateful to Dr. Brady and his assistant, Stacy, for helping being there for us when we needed them. - via Facebook

Dawn Wisley

Dr. Matt Brady is the best Veterinarian. Thanks for the excellent care and advice through the years for all of our pets. - via Facebook

Julian Mines

We will never forget Dr. Brady's support for our pets. He his extremely kind and knowledgeable. - via Facebook

Kathy Maldonado

Dr. Brady and his staff have changed me and my dogs lives forever! I was in a panic because my new puppy started acting strange and I had no idea what to do. I called their office and left a message and they returned my call immediately and were out to see my pup that same day. I am new to raising a puppy and they have given me the peace of mind knowing that they will always be available to help me every step of the way. I recommend Veterinary House Calls to anyone with any animal needs. No job is too big or too small for them. Thank you Dr. Brady and staff! - via Yelp

William J.

Can't say enough positive things about Dr. Brady Sr. & Jr., and Stacy. Lovely people who truly care for the animals they're treating. Helped us for months through the final stages of kidney failure with our kitty, and were who we trusted to be there when we said our final goodbye. Hardest day I've ever experienced, however they made it so much easier, peaceful, and actually beautiful. Thank you all for your love and care during such a difficult time. G,B, & P :) - via Yelp

Gregory R.

Dr. Brady and Stacy are Amazing! We had to deal with end of life for our kitty and they were very caring and respectful. They made dealing with a difficult time much easier. They were so great in helping us deal with this, I just wanted to give them both a big hug, which in hindsight, would have probably been a bit weird and awkward, but needless to say, they are just awesome people and I can't thank them enough for helping us get through this. They are also reasonably priced even when compared with walk-in vets. In the future we will only use Dr. Brady for our other pets, I just can't say enough good things and will recommend his services to all of our friends that own pets. - via Yelp

Scott D.

I found Dr. Brady on the internet. I called and left a message. He called me back within a few minutes. I told him that I needed to put my cat down. She was 18 years old and was not eating. He was at my house within two hours. Dr. Brady very kind, compassionate and patient. I was so glad that I did not have to put my cat in a cat carrier and traumatize her on this very sad day. Dr. Brady made this day a lot more bearable, I cannot thank him enough, Thank you Thank You Thank You - via Yelp

Dianne D.

Dr. Brady is such an amazing and kind vet! All of my pets have seen him! He recently performed a dental on my older dog, and it was well done and reasonably priced. Her mouth looks great, and she seems a lot happier. It's wonderful not having the stress of taking the pets to a clinic (...not to mention convenient!). I'll certainly call him in the future for any of our furry babies' needs!! - via Yelp

Jax K.

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Veterinary Housecalls has provided numerous aspiring young veterinarians with their first jobs in the pet care field. Today Veterinary Housecalls is staffed by a family of three veterinarians and a long time assistant.

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